Lego Ford Hot Rod

In American automotive culture, the mouse yard has become a symbol of wild individualism. You can think of it as a cowboy car equivalent. In seven months, Manuel Nascimento built the LEGO Ford Hot Rod A rat. The winged model of Manuel A with his “rust brown” patina, chrome trim and chopped and chopped hull. His model captures the thin curves and corners of a real car. I am particularly struck by the slight inclination of the sides upwards.

Manuel’s mouse trunk is impressive both mechanically and visually. The car is equipped with electric motors for movement, steering and the possibility of raising and lowering the rear. Since the engine is open, you can also see it in action. Manuel decided to highlight these features in the next video.

The last creation of Builder Pixeljunkie is a fascinating old workshop in which a group of builders is working on restoring an old car, which has turned from a barn into a beautiful central element. A series of images reorganizes the journey, starting with a rusty and marble machine and presenting it with a simple plan.

During the scenes, the lab is full of complex details that give life to the scene. Around the crew, there is all the waste common to mechanics, tools with dusty equipment, crowded containers and shelves with parts. This store seems to really have lived.

Who cannot imagine how to go on the main street in the usual hot rod? Although it may exceed the budgets of many people, perhaps we could draw a line from ianying616 and at least create a LEGO version of the car of our dreams. This black and silver car is a frightening beast, with short suspensions and brilliant chrome highlights in the middle of black and gray. The monochromatic color palette not only looks mediocre, but it also reduces distractions while maintaining attention to the soft lines of the body and the details of this impressive engine.

Not content with organizing the direction and suspension of this beast, the manufacturer also offered a flawless interior, soft seats, an instrument panel, a gearshift lever, and a handbrake.

Across America, a beach trip can often go hand in hand with classic car shows. People love the warm summer sun, the smell of the waves and the wind blowing through their hair as they drive along coastal roads. Inspired by this, Norton74 created an amazing beach setting for two equally beautiful hot rods. The early Fords are popular with hot rod enthusiasts, so Norton74 probably chose modified versions of the 1930s Ford V8 (left) and 1920s T models (right). Thanks to the combination of kinks and engine parts presented at the exhibition, cars seem complicated and medium. They look like a classic bad guy with a tender heart. The sign warns seafarers to pay attention to sharks, but I would probably be more concerned that sand ruins a tiled walk. Attack to zero!

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