Cost High-Performance Crate Engine

Cost High Performance was one of the pioneers of the Ford small car group. The Street Fighter chassis line was developed in response to 347 complaints of piston shots received. Changing the pinhole to reduce the angle of the rod, Cost High has solved the problem.

Cost High offers three trips based on reconstructed blocks 5.0; 306, 331 (not listed) and 347. Three relays are also proposed for block 5.8; 393, 408 (not shown in the diagram) and 427. Three different levels of each position are available. Street Fighter is the original Cost Crate engines, complete with Edelbrock aluminum heads, camshaft, cast iron crank, forged connecting rods I and 3/8 inch rods.

For budget fans, Street Fighter GT saves a few dollars using ProComp aluminum heads and a flat cam.

Read more information on Wiki.

Street Fighter Pro uses the same Edelbrock and Pebbles as Street Fighter but offers less resistance with a crank and H head screws with heat treatment. All high-performance Street Fighter offshore engines are also available in short blocks. Chris Huff states that the power of the street fighter’s engine is not listed due to the variety of induction and evacuation systems that can be configured by the end user.

For the car owner, who starts with a completely empty engine compartment, Cost High offers Cobra Classic in 347, 393 and 427 routes. Based on long Street Fighter blocks, the Cobra Classic engines include the Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake and carburetor, oil kit, generator, wiring and everything else needed to prepare the engine for work. Huff states that these engines, originally developed for the automotive market in the Cobra kit, are widely used in Mustangs of that era.

306 Street Fighter GT5.0ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$3,999
306 Street Fighter5.0Edelbrock{{{Probe}}} rollerNoneN/A$4,799
306 Street Fighter Pro Street5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,199
347 Street Fighter GT5.0ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$3,999
347 Street Fighter5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$4,799
347 Street Fighter Pro Street5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,599
347 Cobra Classic5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerVictor Jr.410$8,499
393W Street Fighter GT5.8ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$4,099
393W Street Fighter5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,099
393W Street Fighter Pro5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$6,299
393W Cobra Classic5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerVictor Jr.450$8,999
427 Street Fighter5.8EdelbrockFlat-tappetNone500+$5,599
427 Street Fighter Pro Street5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNone500+$6,799
427 Cobra Classic5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNone485$9,499

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